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Krav Maga is that it brings self confidence and safety as well
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Women Self Defence – Is it A Necessity?
It is a fact that most of the women do not feel safe at night and they have to clutch their bags or keys while getting back to their homes at night. Yes, it is a fact and it is very depressing. Some people would argue that two men might actually be unequally matched when it comes to fighting. But, majority of women can put up a little fight against the majority of men because of certain facts. So, that is something we have to work upon.

Krav Maga is the solution to all these problems. It is the culmination of self defence techniques along with witty strategies to fight strength, power and size. No wonder, it is highly effective if you’re seriously keen on fighting your opponent or attacker. Another important feature of Krav Maga is that it brings self confidence and safety as well.

Women self defence will reduce the attacks considerably. In fact, it is a wise move for women of all ages. They get to learn about the best of martial arts, self defence and street fighting. The founder of Krav maga is Imi Lichtenfeld who honed his fighting skills in the streets of Bratislava. The classes start with the basics of Krav Maga. Then as you proceed with the levels, you get to learn more techniques for situation specific and striking self defence. The moves will act as a sense of situational awareness too.

This world might be a dangerous place out there. But, here you get a chance to fight against the dangerous aspects and emerge as a winner. There is another advantage of Krav maga and that is discipline. The life becomes sorted and there is a calmness in your mind.

Why should women’s self defence be a necessity?

Stronger instincts – Well, Krav Maga strengths your sense of awareness and natural instincts. Moreover, this will help you act effectively and with a lot of ease. So, if you’re faced with an unexpected attack at any place, you can take care of yourself without any hesitation. This also means that you get to take complete advantage of the time and space of your opponent right then.

Physical strength – Krav Maga emphasizes on mental and physical strength at the same time. So, when practising the self defence moves, it improves your physical strength too. So, it is all about making you stronger inside out.

Tougher safety – Increase of the confidence is another impact that Krav Maga has on us. So, this lets you to trust yourself and take appropriate action in times of dangerous situations.